september 15th
- revamped gallery AGAIN after putting some thought into how i'd like to present it. added in my newest comic, soft ribs
august 26th
- i revamped the gallery with a new context... i can start building it once i get my desktop set up

november 14th
- added two more pages to my film portfolio - now its done! wish me luck

november 13th
- been a while! i have a portfolio deadline coming up (i'm applying for exchange studies in bremen university of arts) so i hustled up to work on my film-page. I've worked on so many movies, and it's still missing a few things ..... i'll get it done tomorrow!
- ... have i had this website for a year now? wow

september 4th
- made boar page into a gallery format
- added a furry art gallery ... its too image heavy. considering how i want to archive my art! people really put in work by making thumbnails back in the day, didnt they....?!

may 18th
- gave up on flexbox.
- added a graphic PEDON SYLI, a movie i'm directing .. soon to have its own page
- added cv
- made my logo link to my frontpage!!!!!!!! you can get back from everywhere!!!!!

april 10th
- added HIISI AND PEIKKO and FENCING to comic pages

- frustrated about flexbox.........

april 6th
- about page is beautiful! fucked around a lot with divs and flexbox
- wrote a long ramble about comics on comics page and elaborated on jungle-comic

april 5th
- visual changes ... look at this amazing logo made by katarina!
- about page cool!

march 22nd
- changed link colours
- added a comics page! added a FIRST COMIC!

march 17th
- added a page for BOARS!
- fixed some ugly links and made links open in new tab instead of my frames lol

march 12th
- fixed stylesheet and how links work
- wow padding and link colour and fonts oh my

february 8th
- added a graphic and a special site for one of the short films. still wip for sure
- note to self to think about font aesthetics

january 19th
- made graphics! changed colours around


november 29
- added webcomics to links
- added a music page

november 26
- added a movie page
- added a link page
- removed animal crossing pages
- changed my links pink
- added links to my about-page