i am a student of film. i'm interested in developing the feel and look of a movie visually and being an integral part of the crew and present on the set and being a part of the process from start till the beginning until it feels like the finished movie is a newborn demon baby i am cradling in my lap. here are projects ive been a part of

focal creator

pedon syli (2019 - 2021) - a sensual horror movie set in 1600's scandinavia

- director and scriptwriter

instagram facebook mesenaatti-campaign

a proud member of creative process

paljon asiaa mustista aukoista (2019 - 2020) - a retro sci-fi black comedy about sex and suicide

- set design assistant and illustrator

unissakävelijä (2020 ) - a black and white movie about sleepy paralysis and nightmares

- set designer, make-up, costuming


kahden pöydän välissä (2020) - a black and white musical comedy about forming friendships between unlikely people (who are instruments)

- cinematorapher, storyboarder

kuvanveistäjä (2021) - a tragicomedy about a sculptor who is trapped alone with their art

- set designer

i helped out a bunch here

sinun unesi (2020) - a graduation film about light techniques and poems

- set design assistant


aamiaista teatterissa - an erotic art film (first of it's kind in our school!)

- boomer

pelgir (2020) - an indie fantasy movie passion project

- foley

bussipysäkillä (2020) - a movie about dance and encounters

- set secretary

murder on a boat (2020) - euphoria borealis stay at home! short film challenge

- illustrator, creative planning

luokkakokous 3 (2020) - solar films productions - directed by renny harlin

- set design assistant