hiisi and peikko

this comic got its idea from me wanting to draw a short porn of my dnd-character marten and a hobgoblin general. the more i thought about it though, the less i wanted to draw a comic based on a wizards of the coast world, and ended up with spinning the characters into creatures inspired by finnish folklore, a peikko and a hiisi. the thought process behind the characters and this world ended up being more elaborate and intended, and i look forward to talking about it in the extras section of the comic...!

this comic is currently under works! as usual it got out of hand and i had to hold myself back from making a bit too many pages. could have in all sorts of drama but maybe sexy shenaningas are fine. when the comic is finished it will be a pay-what-you-want comic on itch.io, for now you can look at the first few pages.