kuvanveistäjä (2021)

when my classmate and friend said he's going to direct a movie about a suffering artist and was looking for a set designer to design a studio for them - i immediately jumped to the opportunity to do so! i got to do exactly this, combining set walls to an existing painting studio at our school, and also construct boxes out of plywood with holes in them to give the illusion that the actors inside them acted as statues. it was a challenge and a bit more than what i honestly could chew at that point, but i survived through it with honours with the help of amazing set assistants and a very good assisting director. through this project i learned how to use a laser cutter and how to construct boxes that work, and put all the stuff i have learned about getting a set and its props working to the test.

all bts photos are taken by mauritz eklund / @mauritzeklund