hello one of my favourite things is boars in videogames. this is a page collecting my favourites

if you have a good one, feel free to send me one to muurakaru at g*mail dot com

boar from genshin impact

zhongli posing with a boar. unbearably good shape. BIG HEAD. beautiful stripes. wonderful eyebrows. attacks you immediately! i sometimes just let them.

baby boar from genshin impact

qiqi posing with a baby boar. i am overcome with tears everytime i see one, they're rare to spot so it's like witnessing a rainbow.

boar from guild wars 2

my friend took this picture for me. very pleasant shape and form, strong sturdy neck. a bit blurry, but it's okay. nice hooves! the blonde one is very beautiful. like a creme de a creme of boars. is it bald from the sides? i like it. like a devon rex.

boar from turok 2

a pleasant cylinder form. sharp and strong triangles. stout and tiny legs. tired eyes. seen so much

boar from warcraft

nice! so metal! so dangerous! i love the beard. like an old norse god. or a heavy metal solist.