muura karu
○ 1989
○ finland
○ film student main
○ subclasses: comic artist, script writer, tattoo artist, game designer, doll maker, environmental caretaker, online community enthusiast, tabletop roleplaying game master / player, event organizer and participator, advocator of slower and more thoughtful internet spaces, traveller, trier of everything atleast once and embracer of doing things despite being bad at it

i grew up during a time where online presence was structured around personal websites, little safe and secret corners of the internet. this has been dominated by online turning into a place where social media websites are constructed with the basis of scrolling through as much content as possible, as quick as possible. passive consumption is prioritized over communication and connection. an artist posting their drawings is now a content creator posting content.

i would like for the sort of online space i grew up with to come back, and for people to make meaningful spaces for themselves where their purpose is not to build a brand or a curated image of yourself, or to achieve as many stars and hearts and numbers as possible, but to just showcase your interests and genuinely connect with people who share those interests. my purpose in building my personal website is not only to create a space for myself that i've dreamt of forever, but to also show people whose wellbeing suffer from using fastpaced scroll-based websites that there is another way to be present.

if you want to e-mail me to send me a picture of a boar, to suggest an artistic project i might be interested in, or just chat about something cool, here is the key ( muurakaru at gmail dot com )

the beautiful animated logo is by katarina


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